Military Embedded Systems

SABER M200 VIGILANTE radar introduced for air surveillance


December 13, 2021

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Embraer photo.

BRAZIL. Embraer and the Brazilian Army (EB) presented the SABER M200 VIGILANTE radar during an event at Embraer’s Campinas unit. The radar was developed to support the country's anti-aircraft defense units, according to officials.

The company claims that the new Brazilian ground-based radar is designed to meet the needs of the Brazilian Armed Forces in their low-altitude surveillance missions of anti-aircraft defense.

Developed in Brazil by Embraer and the Army Technological Center (CTEx), a military organization part of the Army's Science, Technology, and Innovation System (SCTIEx), the SABER M200 VIGILANTE radar aims to furnish the Ground Force's Anti-Aircraft Artillery Units, powered by the latest radar technologies.

This new development will integrate into the family of Brazilian radars, which includes the SABER M60 radar, focused on the search of air targets and integrated into an Anti-Aircraft Operations Center, and the SENTIR M20 radar, for monitoring ground targets and being used in the Brazilian Border Monitoring System (SISFRON). 

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