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ADLINK Technology

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ADLINK Technology
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ADLINK's Express-HL COM Express to power Cornell University AUV in RoboSub competition - News

July 25, 2014
San Jose, CA. ADLINK Technology has announced its sponsorship of the Cornell University autonomous underwater vehicle (CUAUV) Gemini submarine, which will participate in the 17th annual international RoboSub competition July 28-August 3.

VITA 75 vs. VPX: Optimizing unmanned vehicle thermal and payload efficiencies - Story

July 31, 2013
The fast pace of UAV/UGV/UUV evolution places an ever-increasing demand on size, weight, and power, while the range of use applications ? from surveillance to air defense to communications relays ? and interest from national security organizations beyond military continue to grow. To accommodate increasing requirements and diminishing budgets, public contractors and private vendors are moving to Size, Weight, Power, and Cost (SWaP-C)-savvy standards-based systems design, such as by utilizing the smaller envelopes of VITA 75 small form factors to replace existing 3U and 6U VPX technologies. This allows the integration of future payload capabilities into the space available in existing mobile platforms.

EFI BIOS brings new capabilities and robustness to rugged SFF designs - Story

April 26, 2010
Building robust systems requires ruggedness to be designed into the firmware and software, not just the hardware. Qi discusses the advantages of using EFI BIOS in small form factor designs for extreme rugged high-reliability applications such as military systems.

CompactPCI solution targets rugged apps - Story

October 27, 2009
Jeff walks us through the features of a processor board design that was the result of efforts to stay within a desired thermal envelope yet boost performance.