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Cybersecurity firm to deploy cloud computing for secret data to DoD - News

March 27, 2023

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. Cybersecurity firm Summit 7 is collaborating with Microsoft to deploy the Microsoft Azure Government Secret cloud to Defense Industrial Base (DIB) partners to handle sensitive data on behalf of the Department of Defense. 


Simulation project for military leverages VR/AR and cloud-computing engine - News

November 28, 2022

DUBLIN. VR simulation company VRAI announced a collaboration with Microsoft to bring next-generation simulation to military end users, with a product leveraging virtual reality (VR), machine learning (ML), and the Microsoft Azure cloud-computing platform.


Microsoft and Lockheed Martin collab to advance 5G.MIL tech - News

February 28, 2022

BETHESDA, Md. Lockheed Martin is actively collaborating with Microsoft on 5G.MIL solutions to advance reliable connections for U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) systems capable of spanning air, land, sea, space, and cyber domains.


Cloud computing capability designed for use on the edge - News

June 02, 2021

AUSTRALIA. Thales Australia, Microsoft, and Australian companies Myriad Technologies, archTIS, and Fortifyedge have partnered to launch Nexium Defense Cloud Edge (NDC Edge), a secure Tactical cloud computing capability designed for the edge of the battlespace.


Cloud-based data processing demoed by Ball Aerospace and Microsoft - News

May 21, 2021

BOULDER, Colo. Ball Aerospace, in collaboration with Microsoft, completed a series of demonstrations intended to show the viability of using commercial cloud computing to process and securely deliver actionable information to those who need it, whether they are in a ground station, command center, or on the battlefield.


Microsoft's Defense System demo leveraged Esri software to enable AI and augmented reality for field missions - News

June 13, 2019
REDLANDS, CALIFORNIA. Microsoft?s Tactical Edge Platform is using Esri?s ArcGIS Enterprise to enable its Microsoft Azure and Azure Cognitive Services to have a geographic context via Esri?s advanced mapping and spatial analytics technology. The platform is targeted at defense and intelligence professionals to demonstrate how they can use connecting field sensor data and cloud services for tactical field operations or for domestic emergency response.

Thales, Microsoft announce defense cloud platform for armed forces - News

June 18, 2018
LA DEFENSE, France. Multinational defense and cybersecurity contractor Thales has announced a partnership with Microsoft under which the companies will build a cloud platform designed to help armed forces and other defense clients store and secure classified and sensitive data within their information technology infrastructure.