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AI and machine learning to improve mission readiness under AFRL contract - News

April 07, 2021

AUSTIN, Texas. SparkCognition Government Systems (SGS) announced that it has won a contract with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) through its SBIR program. Through this contract, SGS will leverage commercial and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to explore the uses of machine learning (ML) to enhance aspects of readiness, including manpower planning and decision optimization.


AI-powered cybersecurity system for drones deployed by SparkCognition and SkyGrid - News

January 19, 2021

AUSTIN, Texas. SparkCognition, industrial artificial intelligence (AI) company, and SkyGrid, a Boeing, SparkCognition Company, announced a new collaboration to deploy AI-powered cybersecurity directly on drones with the intent to protect them from zero-day attacks during flight.


SparkCognition unveils new full-spectrum defense AI business - News

May 26, 2020

AUSTIN, Texas. SparkCognition, company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI), announced the creation of SparkCognition Government Systems (SGS), full-spectrum AI company devoted to government and national defense, a first according to the company. SGS, a wholly owned subsidiary of SparkCognition, intends to offer next-generation, AI-powered systems to address national security needs.


AI in warfare book released - News

December 12, 2018
AUSTIN, Texas. At this years' Time Machine 2018 (TM18) conference, SparkCognition officials released a new book titled: ?Hyperwar: Conflict and Competition in the AI Century,? a collection of essays by defense and emerging tech leaders that addresses the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in warfare today and in the future.

AI and blockchain-powered airspace-management tool will aid autonomous-vehicle traffic - News

November 21, 2018
AUSTIN, Texas. Boeing and SparkCognition have announced that they will launch SkyGrid, a new company that aims to develop a software platform to ensure the safe, secure integration of autonomous cargo and passenger air vehicles in the global airspace.

Future UTM solutions will feature AI, blockchain technologies - News

July 17, 2018
FARNBOROUGH, United Kingdom. SparkCognition and Boeing officials announced they will be collaborating to deliver unmanned aircraft system traffic management (UTM) solutions.

British army, SparkCognition team up to streamline AI applications for defense - News

October 04, 2017
AUSTIN. British army and SparkCognition officials entered an agreement to provide a collaborative thought leadership on the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in future warfare. This partnership focuses on how operations can be streamlined using AI technologies today.