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Agilent Technologies
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A new approach to testing embedded-LO converters - Story

August 12, 2009
Though they offer significant advantages compared to spectrum-analyzer-based methods, traditionally, vector network analyzers have not been used to characterize the group delay of analog satellite transponders, due to the lack of access to the RF signals or the time bases of the internal Local Oscillators (LOs) within the transponder. A new way to make group delay measurements of embedded-LO converters with modern VNAs will yield increased measurement speeds and significant accuracy improvements.

Denser networks, denser devices; the question is: how to test the I/O ports? - Story

July 08, 2008
Advanced packaging and integrated circuit manufacturing techniques have resulted in multi-port devices that are difficult to characterize using traditional two- or even four-port Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs). A new class of test set extends the capabilities of the traditional VNA to N-ports, which provides full S-Parameter characterization of multi-port devices.