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LCR Embedded Systems

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LCR Embedded Systems
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6U 6 Slot AC Chassis - Eletter Product

April 01, 2014
LCR Electronics announces a new family of high performance small form factor (SFF) rugged ATCA chassis designed specifically to meet the compute intensive requirements of mobile command and control applications. LCR's SFF chassis range in size from 6U 6 slots to 4U 3 slots, and are available in both AC or DC powered versions. LCR's rugged ATCA SFF chassis allows for the use of readily available COTS ATCA blade products in military mission critical applications.

ATCA, a competitive alternative to 6U VPX - Story

December 17, 2013
Hardware-platform decisions have always been challenging in the aerospace and defense market, as applications in these markets typically require cutting-edge technology and a deployment life cycle that could extend for decades. Developing hardware from the ground up is costly and can lengthen development schedules; however, the advent of open standards such as VITA and PICMG means that many engineering teams have started using these standards to reduce development cost and time to market.

LCR Electronics relocates backplane, chassis, systems product divisions to LCR Embedded Systems; remaining divisions sold to Astrodyne - News

December 06, 2013
NORRISTOWN, PA. Founder of LCR Electronics, Nissen Isakov, has announced the company’s backplane, chassis, and systems product divisions will now operate under a new business entity, LCR Embedded Systems. The former owner of LCR Electronics will now head LCR Embedded Systems, while the remaining filter and control product lines have been sold to Astrodyne.

New Compact, Rugged Chassis models for VME, CompactPCI, and VPX - Eletter Product

June 28, 2012
LCR Electronics has added several compact, rugged chassis models to its extensive VME, CompactPCI and VPX rugged chassis product line, providing flexibility in a variety of industrial, commercial and military environments.