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Articles related to Boeing

Additional unmanned MQ-25s ordered by U.S. Navy - News

April 03, 2020
CHICAGO, Ill. The U.S. Navy has awarded Boeing a contract modification for three additional MQ-25 unmanned aerial refueling aircraft, bringing the total number of aircraft Boeing is manufacturing to seven.

C2 software platform to be sustained for Air Mobility Command - News

February 20, 2020
CHICAGO, Ill. Boeing, through its subsidiary Tapestry Solutions, announced it has secured a five-year U.S. Air Force recompete contract to sustain and modernize the Global Decision Support System (GDSS) – the principal command and control (C2) software platform that supports global Air Mobility Command (AMC) missions.

New WGS-11 satellite developed by Boeing - News

December 31, 2019
CHICAGO, Ill. Boeing has developed a new variant of its 702 satellite for the U.S. Air Force?s Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) constellation, one intended to offer both greater bandwidth efficiency and signal power than previous satellites in the fleet. The new WGS-11 will be delivered on a recently negotiated contract award from the Air Force.

Boeing 737 MAX production suspended by Spirit AeroSystems - News

December 20, 2019
WICHITA, Kan. Spirit AeroSystems announced that Boeing directed the company to stop all 737 MAX deliveries to Boeing effective Jan. 1, 2020, due to Boeing's temporary suspension of 737 MAX production. Spirit will suspend 737 MAX production beginning on Jan. 1.

First modified MV-22 Osprey delivered to U.S. Marine Corps - News

December 13, 2019
PATUXENT RIVER, Md. Bell Boeing announced that it has delivered the first modified MV-22 Osprey to the U.S. Marine Corps. Bell Boeing recently won a $146 million contract for upgrades and maintenance on the MV-22 aircraft.

GLSDB ready for production following third test launch, say Saab and Boeing - News

October 15, 2019
AUSA 2019--WASHINGTON. Following conclusion of a recent third test launch of their ground-launched small diameter bomb (GLSDB) in September, Boeing and Saab now believe they have the data necessary to move the munition into production, company officials said at AUSA on Monday.

AI capabilities for unmanned systems introduced by Boeing - News

September 25, 2019
AUSTRALIA. Boeing is partnering with Australia?s Trusted Autonomous Systems Defence Cooperative Research Centre (DCRC) to develop artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to create unmanned systems for global forces.