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Articles related to Airbus

AI-based flight test for Airbus showcases CoreAVI's software suite - News

February 13, 2024

TAMPA, Fla. Safety-critical software firm CoreAVI reports that Airbus completed a successful flight test of its Auto’Mate (autonomous in-flight refueling) demonstrator that uses CoreAVI’s GPU accelerated artificial intelligence (AI) software stack, including VkCore SC and ComputeCore. 


16 maritime patrol and surveillance aircraft ordered by Spain - News

December 26, 2023

GETAFE, Spain. The Spanish Ministry of Defence will buy 16 Airbus C295 aircraft, customized for Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) and Maritime Surveillance Aircraft (MSA) roles, Airbus announced in a statement.


Naval aerial drone system undergoes sea trials on French Navy frigate - News

November 01, 2023

MARIGNANE, France. Airbus Helicopters and Naval Group and the French Navy conducted sea trials for the SDAM (Système de Drone Aérien Marine/Naval Aerial Drone System) on a multi-mission frigate (FREMM), the company announced in a statement.


Autonomous VSR700 drone completes sea trials for France - News

May 17, 2023

MARIGNANE, France. The VSR700 unmanned aerial system (UAS), developed by Airbus Helicopters in cooperation with the French Armament General Directorate (DGA), completed its first operational configuration sea trial earlier this month, Airbus announced in a statement. This trial involved 80 fully autonomous take-offs and landings from a civilian vessel equipped with a helicopter deck off the coast of Brittany.


Satellite communications for Belgian Armed Forces to be provided by Airbus - News

January 25, 2023

PARIS, France. Airbus will provide tactical satellite communications services to the Belgian Ministry of Defence as part of a 15-year contract, the company announced in a statement.


Satellite communications to be provided to Czech Republic, Netherlands by Airbus - News

September 12, 2022

PARIS, France. Airbus has won a contract to provide satellite communications to the Czech Republic and the Netherlands, the company announced in a statement.


Army's solar-powered UAS marks end of marathon flight experiment - News

August 24, 2022

REDSTONE ARSENAL -- HUNTSVILLE, Ala. The U.S. Army Assured Positioning, Navigation and Timing/Space (APNT/Space) Cross-Functional Team (CFT) reported that its stratospheric flight demonstration using the solar-powered Airbus Zephyr 8 ultra-long-endurance solar-powered unmanned aircraft system (UAS) ended after 64 days, with the Zephyr remaining aloft for more than double its intended 30-day continuous flight.